Object lessons: #4


This is a shoe shine box. I know that because it says “shoe shine” on the side. Other than that, I know absolutely nothing about it except that my grandparents probably had it forever, I now keep cat supplies in it, and I adore it.

Object lessons: #3


In January of 2011, I was in Goshen, Indiana for a family funeral. It was a sad time, but also intensely beautiful. I spent lots of time exploring small shops (and coffee shops), walking around in the falling snow.

I particularly loved Graber|Found. I had a lovely chat with the owner about traveling the world (as he does to collect the things he sells – lucky duck).

I wanted to buy a handpainted Ethiopian Orthodox icon; instead I bought this tiny paper crane.

Object lessons: #2

One lovely spring morning in New York City, I stopped in at Murray’s Cheese Shop for supplies for a picnic in Washington Square Park, among which was some icelandic yogurt. But to eat yogurt one needs a spoon, so it was a lucky thing that Murray’s also sells these little olivewood spoons.

The baguette, brie, and yogurt are long gone. The spoon remains.

Claremore Bluegrass & Chili Fest 2013

I haven’t missed a year since I started going, which I’m going to guess is maybe … fifteen years? (Estimating the passage of time has never been one of my strong points.) Anyway, it’s been a long time.

I was raised on bluegrass and bluegrass festivals, and while I confess that these days I go more for the people watching than the music, it’s something that is deep down in my blood and I’ll never be entirely free of it. And that’s not a bad thing.


And it makes me happy to see that there’s another generation being exposed to live music, just like I was.


There’s music …


… and chili cooking…


And a multitude of adorable children.


And the constant thread that has run through my entire life: Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. His band may constantly change, but the sound doesn’t. At the risk of making him feel older than he is, his is literally the first music I can remember hearing growing up.


And be honest – how could you not like somebody with a stylin’ coat like that?

See all the pretty lights

Every year around the 4th of July, my tiny, tiny town turns bustling for a few days with the arrival of a traveling carnival. I’ve lived here twenty years and I’ve never so much as stopped – nor have I gone to see the town firework’s show.ImageWhat changed this year? I got my first DSLR, and I decided it would be a perfect place to practice night photography techniques.

I don’t aspire to be a capital-P Photographer (I have lots of real photographer friends, and I know that it’s about a lot more than just having the right equipment!) But now that I have the shiny, fancy camera, I do want to get the basics down so I’m not disappointed in my shots. Image

I learn best by practicing, so that’s going to mean being intentional about seeking out opportunities. And hey … fireworks shows are fun! I was initially a little sad to give up a quiet evening at home (yes, I am THAT person) but in the end the bustle and crowd and people watching was totally worth it. Oh, and the light show. Which was pretty awesome.


I like that so many fireworks shots look like exotic flowers.


Seriously – doesn’t this look like a fancy flower arrangement?