It’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas

ImageLast year, I didn’t decorate for Christmas at all. I didn’t really intend to this year either … but then it snowed today, and I do love snow – growing up in South Florida without even owning a coat will do that to a girl – and it felt so cozy and wintery that I couldn’t help be just a little jolly.

So I made a Christmas tree out of tree branches, because why not?

ImageI bought this ornament years ago because I liked her sassy, independent attitude.

ImageThe red glass bauble was a Restoration Hardware find (there’s a matching clear glass one too), and I picked up the delicate glass bird last year at a local shop. That’s St. Barbara on the left – I didn’t know anything about her until I looked her up just now, only to find that her feast day was yesterday, and that she’s the patron saint of the US Navy!

See all the pretty lights

Every year around the 4th of July, my tiny, tiny town turns bustling for a few days with the arrival of a traveling carnival. I’ve lived here twenty years and I’ve never so much as stopped – nor have I gone to see the town firework’s show.ImageWhat changed this year? I got my first DSLR, and I decided it would be a perfect place to practice night photography techniques.

I don’t aspire to be a capital-P Photographer (I have lots of real photographer friends, and I know that it’s about a lot more than just having the right equipment!) But now that I have the shiny, fancy camera, I do want to get the basics down so I’m not disappointed in my shots. Image

I learn best by practicing, so that’s going to mean being intentional about seeking out opportunities. And hey … fireworks shows are fun! I was initially a little sad to give up a quiet evening at home (yes, I am THAT person) but in the end the bustle and crowd and people watching was totally worth it. Oh, and the light show. Which was pretty awesome.


I like that so many fireworks shots look like exotic flowers.


Seriously – doesn’t this look like a fancy flower arrangement?