Bows for the hairs


Although I love love LOVE my short hair, it has been a challenge to find ways to accessorize it – bows and flowers and headbands that worked when my hair was longer are often too big and too sticky-outy (that’s a word, right?) now that it’s pixie length.

I bought some clip-in hair bows at a retail store that-shall-not-be-named that turned out just the right size. Once I got them home I thought … hm, I bet I could make something like this! I picked up some small alligator clips from Stacia over at Sassafras Gifts (check her shop out; it’s full of good things!) and after about an hour of trial-and-error, I had my first bows ready to wear.

Now I can’t wait to make them in ALL the colors!

After I’ve perfected them some may make their way into my shop … we’ll see. 🙂