2013: 365 days of good things

Every year I try to have some kind of year-long project: one year I took photos of each day’s outfit. One year I blogged (most days) about my reading life. One year I recorded every new recipe I tried.

ImageIn 2013 I made a little tiny book, and every day I wrote down good one thing in it.ImageIt’s a bitty thing, just a little over two inches square. It was one of those novelty books of horoscopes, which are good for a laugh but which I ultimately think are ridiculous. I like its repurposed self much better. Image I covered it with the paper from a Hallmark bag and painted most of the pages and gradually, day by day, it filled up with good things.

ImageEvery-day things. Tiny things. Big things. … All the things.


Looking back over the days now, I see records of meeting new people (and then meeting them again!), trying new foods, and experiencing new places.

There are lots of mentions of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and the scary/wonderful parts of opening an Etsy shop.

ImageThere were kind things people did for me (like a gift of pine nuts from my friend Mrs Pine Nut!)ImageAnd kind things people said to me.ImageAnd a couple pretty awesome internet happenings. ImageAnd some things that were just really unexpected and random. Random is my favorite.

It was a good year. And it’s good to have a record of that.


2 thoughts on “2013: 365 days of good things

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