Birds, tv, and how I deal with guilt


There are exactly three shows I watch regularly: Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, and Remington Steele reruns. I’m just not much of a television person – I get antsy sitting still for too long, and no matter how much I feel I’ve earned some down time, I can’t shake the guilt of sitting there doing “nothing.”

Until now. I’ve finally discovered the secret to tv without guilt: birds. Yep, birds. Felt birds, made from the scraps of other projects (my thrifty soul rejoices), and just the right kind of project to keep my hands occupied and my sense of guilt at bay while enjoying my favorite on-screen diversions.

So these sweet little birdies are made with love … and a large helping of Doctor Who. And if they start displaying any timey-wimey properties, we’ll know why.


What is Storyfied?


Storyfied is all about second chances. Giving something old a new life. Celebrating the mundane. Making something useless into something useful. Turning trash into the proverbial treasure. And most of all … making things that have a story. Because, in the words of Doctor Who, “We’re all just stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Because it was, you know … it was the best.”

This pebble is probably one of the most mundane examples of a mundane thing. There’s nothing special about it – in fact, I’m not even sure why I picked it up off that Texas lakeshore. It’s an awkward yellowish brown color and a undistinguished shape and it has some ugly scar-like marks.

But I did pick it up, and when I found it later, it reminded me of happy times. I wanted to celebrate that, and so I gave it a new story. With some silver wire and a bit of patience – and some experimentation, since I’d never wire-wrapped anything before! – it became a pendant that I love to wear.

So if you see a little Texas pebble on a chain around my neck, now you know the real story.